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~Gluten Free Cooking~

I am slowly learning the ropes of this gluten free thing. Meat and veges are easy, cook 'em with gluten free spices and you're all good. But what about those days when you're craving something different, because let's be honest, we live in America and we like food!

I made these Gluten free Pumpkin Cake Donuts recently. There were really good with a cup of hot tea. I will add more spice to them next time as the flavor was not real strong. This was a Pinterest find and it was actually supposed to be baked in a donut pan. I do not have a donut pan so I baked them in a small muffin pan and they turned out just fine. This below is what I used, it is for mini muffins. You can print the recipe here: Gluten Free Pumpkin Donuts

Felicity has been begging for biscuits and gravy for a few weeks. We haven't had them in a really long time. I decided to give a recipe I found on Pinterest a try last week. The biscuits were tasty but they did not rise.

We made them again this morning, doubled the batch, and realized that I had misread the baking powder last time. I only put ½ tsp when ½ tbls was needed. So this morning our biscuits were not only tasty they were beautiful!

This recipe only calls for 3 ingredients and is super easy! You can print it here: Gluten Free Biscuits

Another thing I have enjoyed is this gluten free dairy free dressing. I found this in the gluten free section at Wal-Mart. I love salad and I love this dressing!

This is yummy! I have been trying to find these gluten free rice papers for a few months. Found them at Sprouts Farmers Market today!! woot woot This was my dinner, I ate 4 of these vege rolls dipped in Spicy Almond Sauce. I just might have to have this again for lunch tomorrow. Matter a fact I can't wait to have them for lunch tomorrow!

Kale, leaf lettuce, carrots, cucumber and cilantro is what I put inside these delicious rolls.

I took a big scoop of almond butter, added some garlic chili sauce and gluten free soy sauce for the dip.

These are the rice papers I found. love 'em! This is something to get excited about!

One last recipe I can share with you today. Gluten free Brownie Cookies. We found this recipe on Pinterest as well. They were easy to make and super yummy. We will add a few chocolate chips next time we make these. The ones we had on hand were not gluten free and well, I wanted a sweet treat tonight!

The recipe called for powdered sugar after baking. I tried one with and without the sugar. Definitely better with the powdered sugar! You can print the recipe here: Gluten Free Brownie Cookies

Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

Happy Eating!



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