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~Girls, Curls and Frizzies~

My girls, my lovely little ladies, well, they are just not babies anymore. (sad face here) A few months ago they could have cared less what they looked like. Things are changing around here. We are learning how to tame some wild and frizzy hair. My girls all were curly heads as toddlers. We're talking ringlet curly girlies. Hannah's hair over the past few years has just gotten mostly frizzy. She didn't mind, so I did not worry about it. It's all different now.

Messy Hair, She Does Care!

Hannah and her big hair!

We are opened to any and all frizzy head ideas! Slightly begging here for some. I have gone to Pinterest and picked up a few hairstyles and tips for all of our frizz. Thus, our Frizz hair taming journey has begun! We'll share with you the things that work for us and those things that not so much get the job done.

Miss Felicity still has curls! Hannah's hair looked like this a few years ago.

Kylie Joy and her Beautiful Barbie Doll Hair!

Seems like just a few days ago we were concerned about germs, keeping up with pacifiers, changing diapers and runny noses. We are entering a whole new world, I think I'm ready for it!! Well, hmmm, maybe some of it!

This is some things us girls like and a few new things for Hannah to try out!

I LoVe the Infusium Leave in Treatment ( I picked that bottle up on clearance for $3, woot woot). My mom actually used to fix my sister and I's hair (after swimming) with this when we were little. I still use it on my hair when I style it wavy/curly. I like the Shine Hair Polisher as well and use it to tame fly aways when my hair is styled straight, I also put it in the ends of my hair when I style it wavy/curly. Those are the basic two things we use in our hair. We are not high maintenance girls. haha I love Infusium Shampoo and Conditioner. I bought this Pantene Rose Water shampoo and conditioner at Sam's Club for the first time recently. I love it. It smells so lovely. However, it is pretty pricy compared to the Infusium I normally use. The rest in the photo are soon to be tested, we'll let you know how they work!

Don't forget to share your tips with us! The girls will be in a wedding soon, we need to learn this stuff a.s.a.p.!

Hey it's Friday! Hope you have a funtastic weekend!!!


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