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A New Year is here! I love this time of year, well, everything except the cold weather, that is. It's like we get a fresh new start, something to look forward to yet it's all a surprise. We don't really know what is ahead, but there is this feeling of excitement to find out. What can I do better this year? What can I learn? Who can I be a blessing to? Will I succeed? Will I fail? Only God knows, therefor we must TRUST in Him! Draw nigh unto Him and you will have Him close to you to see you through all that 2019 has in store, the Good, the Bad and the Lovely! Here is a new beginning for me...

I LoVe this!

I've been wanting a quiet place, a study area, a place to pray. That's something hard to find in this little house full of 6 peoples! haha It really is a desire I have had for some time. I truly think if you want something bad enough you can brainstorm and find a way to get it!

I have a desk, but it is used by all. The computer, and printer, and bills and well, you know how the family desk is. Then there is the dining table. It is in the same room as the TV and where the kids do their school work most days. It's also, of course, where we eat several times a day (imagine that!). The couch, just like the dining table is in a very traffic-y (that is a word, right?) area, and of course, theres the TV again. There has not been that place for me to sneak away and have some alone time with my Jesus!

I am a morning person, well, just so long as there is a fresh pot of coffee brewing! Definitely not a night owl or anything close to it. I get up most mornings long before the others. Early morning is my favorite time for Bible study and prayer. The coffee taste so much better with a quiet peaceful surrounding. Really, it does! I decided to turn a small portion of my kitchen into my very own space.


Sincerely, the Keeper of the Home

I know, it's a little greedy, but I need this! For my sanity, I really, really need this! I love it because I can leave my Bible, study books, journal and all the things I use when I study right where I finish with them, and they are there when I am ready to pick the studies back up the next morning!

I found this tiny little folding desk on amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XZV3F8F/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

It's a bit pricy, but so worth it. I was fortunate to have some 'thank you' points and got the desk for $18. Which made it so much more worth it!

I needed a lamp and a few things to make it my own space. I picked up the lamp at the thrift for under $5. While I was there I got up a couple of frames. I knew I needed something for the wall behind the desk, just wasn't sure what. I went next door of the thrift and did a little clearance aisle shopping at Tuesday Morning (one of my fav stores ever!). I found some goodies in both places. It seams like everything just fell in place!

This is what the two frames were to start with.

I got this paper at Tuesday Morning for less than $1.

I then printed a verse on card stock.

Free printable! Found it here: https://lovesvg.com/2017/04/choose-joy-3/

Yes, I am Thankful & Grateful for my little space!

Here are few other things that make life happy...

a Martha Stewart journal, brand new for $2.92!

If you are trying to read through the Bible this year, check this out...

KJV Devotional Bible

This is a KJV Daily Devotional Bible. Each day has what you need to read in order to read through the entire Bible in one year! You read some Old Test., some New Test. and a Psalm or Proverb (in order) each day. I found these things at thrifts stores!! You don't have to break the bank to have things that make life more fun and easy! You just have to be thrifty and creative!

Do you have a quiet place? What does yours look like? What are some of your favorite things there?


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