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When Life Gives You Lemons Make a Cake

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Last week was busy!  Really busy!  It  wasn't a bad week, it was just a busy week.  Mom stuff.  Asa needed dress clothes and shoes for his uniform check at choir today.  Hannah needed boots, the temps are dropping and flip flops are frowned upon these days.  Don't get me wrong, flip flops year round sounds like a good plan to me. However, if you take your kiddos to the grocery store, in 40 degree temps, with flip flops on, beware of the glares you'll get.  I wore flip flops out once when it was around 60 degrees.  A lady of a certain age (that I will not point out because I will be there in 10 or so years, and I may seem to think I need to let everyone know my opinion as well) made some rude comments to me.  I can only imagine if she saw my girls in flip flops.   Therefor, boots we must wear!  Then there was ladies meeting on Wednesday, payroll on Thursday and Bible Club on Saturday and all the time that goes into preparing for these two really important monthly events.  I do enjoy these things and wouldn't trade a minute for anything else.  Then the usual mom stuff like laundry, breakfast, lunch, dinner, homeschool, haircuts, laundry, breakfast, lunch, ...  I think you get it.  I barely had a minute to spare, which left Miss Felicity feeling bored and lonely.  She is my little shadow, but this week left little if no time for our Spot it games, book reading and I spy findings!  "Mom it's so boring", she told me several times with tears in her eyes.  When she found me sitting at the computer, working on devotions, BC flyers, etc., she would bring her game and say, "Mom, you haven't played this with me and you said....".  By the time Sunday came along I was tired and really wanted my Sunday afternoon nap.  But then there was this sweet little face looking at me that really needed some mommy time.  "Can we make a cake?" she asked.   Of course we can make a cake.  She ran to the garage to get her stool and cake making we began!  We looked through the cupboards to see what we had available.  A white cake(boring) and a Lemon Cake(yummy!).  We even had lemons!!

Her lips are sealed!  I read the instructions to her.  She got out each thing we needed and I taught her some little secrets!  I told her not to tell anyone our Box Cake Secrets.

When the cake was finished we found some fun dishes (we only get these out for special times).  It does not take much to make a little girl feel special!  I highly recommend having a few pretty dishes tucked away somewhere that you only pull out for a time like this!  We picked these up at a local thrift store years ago.  

We sat and sipped our milk and ate our yummy cake together.  We giggled when the others came in and saw we were having milk and cake without them.  We giggled about our little secret of making the Best Box Cake ever!

She felt special!  Can't you tell by her little face?!  I doubt she'll have memories of 'the week mom was really busy and didn't have much time for books and games'.  I just bet though, she'll remember days like this! xoxoxo

Oh! Your wondering what the secret is.  It's simple, just don't let her know I told you.  Because you know, it's our little secret. 

When making a box cake, substitute the water with milk and the oil with butter and add a little vanilla.  Then serve it with a smile and pretty dishes and it will be the BEST cake you ever made!! 

 We got snow today, that makes for a pretty awesome Tuesday!  ​Hope you are having a super week! See ya next time!


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