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Schooling at Home?

As a homeschool mom I want to share a few things. First of all, there is nothing scary about schooling your kids at home. Our family has been doing this thing called ‘homeschooling’ for around 12 years now. We know that it can be a lot of fun. Secondly, YOU CAN do it! Be creative. Most homeschool families spend time choosing curriculum that fits their family. Being that spring break will end this week, and Monday is just not that far away, you do not have time to research everything out. Plus, this is short term homeschooling for you, and more than likely, you do not want to put a lot of money into it. (or you might be saving your money for toilet paper, if it EVER appears on the shelf again!). With that said, here are a few ideas for you and your homebound students.

1. We still have internet! Instead of spending all of your time on social media and news outlets (The articles/posts made at 10am will still be there at 7pm. It’s all putting people into a panic anyway. It will be good for you and your kids to take a break from it.), do some research with your kids. If they are old enough let them take notes on what you find. You’re the teacher, pick a topic. For example, we have a bird feeder sitting out in the yard, directly in front of our sliding glass door. We sit and watch the birds and try to see how many different types of birds come and go. Here are a few things you can do. If you see a bird you do not recognize, research it. Learn about that bird. If there comes a long a bird your kids are excited about, for instance a cardinal, learn about cardinals. How do the males look different than the females? What do they like to eat? What is their character? You can do this with any topic. If your kids are too small for note taking, have them draw a picture of what they learn.

2. Learn about weather. Study the clouds. After studying the different types of clouds, have your kids draw a picture of their favorite type and see who can name them. Spring is here! As exciting as it is, spring also brings storms. This would be a good time to come up with a plan, should a severe storm come to your area. We had a lot of fun last spring learning what causes tornados. There are some really good videos on this topic on YouTube.

3. Play store. My kids love this. We pick random items from around the house for our sale items. Give them play money (dollar tree or make some). Be the cashier, when you give them the total, have them count the money out to you. This is math made fun. (My son has walkie talkies. I use them in our store. I put one up high in the room somewhere and make store announcements with the other. “Fresh Mart will be closing in 10 minutes, make your final selections and and proceed to the checkout lane.” Walkie talkies also beep when you push the button down and release it. Guess how I scan their groceries! Haha. Yes, with the walkie talkie. Like I said before, get creative. Your kids will not drive you crazy if they have something to do!

4. Flash cards! If you do not have math worksheets, use flashcards. Don’t have flashcards? Make some! All of us could use a tune up on our math facts. I tell my kids all the time, “You should know you math facts with a snap of the finger.” This makes all other math so much more easy!

5. Read! Have them read for at least 30 minutes a day. You can learn so much through reading! Read to your kids! We do read alouds everyday. Through the years, we’ve spent more hours than I could count sitting and reading together. Read with enthusiasm. Remember you’re in competition with Disney. In order to keep their attention, it’s got to be fun!

6. Write a letter! Have your kids write letters and color pictures to send to friends, grandparents, elderly neighbors, etc.

7. There are so many ideas on Pinterest for science projects made with everyday household products!

Have fun! Be creative! Enjoy the time you get to spend with your kids!

Learning is done and the kids are bored? Here are a few things my kids have been doing on these cool rainy days here in Oklahoma. In between rain showers they dry off their swings and swing. We put a sandbox in the garage, they have spent hours out there. Crafts with yarn and craft sticks, they made gifts to give to cousins. Art, we go through a lot of copy paper. My kids will draw for hours. You can find craft supplies at the dollar tree.

~Happy Homeschooling!


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