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Red Rock Canyon Adventure Park

Since becoming so ill this spring, I rarely get out. When I do, it's to go to church or the grocery store. Long car rides make me ache all over. But it was Labor Day, and my girls have been cooped up with me all summer, with the exception of church camp. Therefor,

I was determined to get out and do something.

We decided to go along with a friend to the Red Rock Canyon Adventure Park.

I'm so glad we did! Our family loves camping out, and it looks like we found another great place to do this. We plan to go back out there in a few weeks when the weather is a little cooler.

We did not go on any trails this time. We just checked out the options. Next time though, we will have our guys with us and we will go on some adventures!


Red Rock Canyon is a beautiful example of God's artwork in Oklahoma. Before the mid-1800s, Plains Indians used the canyon as a winter camp. Game was abundant, the Water was pure and clean and it was an escape from the cold prairie winds, just as it is today.

The canyon became a landmark on the California Road. During the 1849 California Gold Rush, the westward leading road was a haven for weary travelers. It provided fresh water, grazing for livestock and a place to rest and repair their wagons. In 1956, the Hinton Kiwanis Club donated the land, known as Kiwanis Canyon Park to the state. The park was renamed Red Rock Canyon State Park.

The 310 acres of steep, rugged cliffs and canyons make the park a favorite spot for camping and hiking. The canyon floor is home to a rich ecosystem that includes many varieties of trees, birds and animal life. Nature puts on a spectacular fall foliage show from mid-October to mid-November but every season is special at Red Rock Canyon Adventure Park.

As of November 1st, 2018 the Red Rock Canyon State Park was no longer operated by the State of Oklahoma. However, the park is now privately operated with a desire to see this beautiful park continue to thrive and reach more visitors to showcase the beauty of Red Rock Canyon.




Right outside of the park is a Historical Museum. We hope to take the kids while we are there. Homeschool field trip!


The Parker House is a two-story pink, wood frame farmhouse located next to the Hinton Historical Museum, a 25,000 sq ft two-story building that houses items depicting local and state history. The museum demonstrates how people lived from the late 1800s forward, is home to Oklahoma's largest horse carriage collection and houses the nation's second largest barbwire collection. Other exhibits include the state's largest antique phone collection,  American Indian items, along with many other early Oklahoma and pioneer items.

Visit the Hinton Historical Museum to view the progression of washing machines from the scrub board to the wringer washer, seven antique cars, from a 1903 Oldsmobile to Model Ts and Edsels, and bicycles, from an 1870s high-wheel to models from the 1960s. The museum also features a daily photo presentation of the "California Road."




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