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I thought I would start this by saying a few things about who I am. The title pretty much sums it up, I'm just an ordinary MoM. Things like fuzzy socks, cozy blankets, candles, cuddles and coffee make my day a little better. I am one very Blessed mom of a teenage boy and three little girls. We have days that are awesome, and just like everyone else, we have those days we'd care not remember. I'm here to share with you the moments that might encourage your day, and to remind you we all have the Good, the Bad and the ever so Lovely moments in our lives!

Our family homeschools. Currently I am the teacher of phonics all the way up to algebra. We like reading, going to the Library, board games, field trips, science experiments, bible studies, music, and crafts. There is so much you can do with homeschoolers! I can't wait to share with you the things that work for us and make our days fun and easy!

We believe God comes first above all else. We trust in the good ol' KJV to get us the spiritual nourishment we need. Our family reads the Bible together when we get up in the morning and before going to be each night. Sam, my knight in shining armor, is the pastor of a little church that we love so dearly. I occasionally write devotions for lady's and children's ministries. I plan to share them here when they are not too lengthy. The more lengthy ones I will share a downloadable link. Feel free to use as you like!

I have a love for photography. My latest computer (The one that just crashed and burned. The one that I did not have backed up. Yeah, that one. grrr) had over 35,000 photos on it. I may or may not have a problem in this area. I'll let you decide. You will for sure see lots of photos on this site!

I guess that sums up who I am, hopefully, without putting you to sleep. I hope you follow us and are encouraged with what you find here at Purposefully Joyful!

Btw... when you look up 'purposefully' you find this, "in a way that shows determination or resolve". Add Joyful to it and you get this, "determined and resolved to be Joyful".

This is my New Year's Resolution!


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