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Jesus is Our Life ~ Sunday School Lesson for Kids with Visual***

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Can you imagine LIFE without Him? Jesus truly is our LIFE. Someday we will live with Him forever, that will be the best part of our LIFE. For now, we need to remember He gives us Everlasting, Abundant LIFE. He sustains our LIFE. We have LIFE because He lives in us. He brings comfort to our LIFE. Therefore, we should live our LIFE for Him as He guides our LIFE to trust and follow Him! The LIFE He gives is complete, do not take it for granted!

Download the printable lesson here: Jesus is Our Life

I wrote this lesson for our Bible Club this month. It is a good length and would be great for Sunday School. I did not read it word for word to the class because I had some in my group that was a bit young for the entire lesson. However, you may add to it, or take away from it to adapt it to your age group.

***I also did a visual with a raisin and Sprite. All you need is a clear cup, raisins and sprite. Pour sprite into the cup and then add 3 or 4 raisins. There will be lots of fizz and bubbles on and around the raisins. Then a raisin will pop up to the top and stay awhile then slip back to the bottom and then another to the top and so on. Below is the example.

This is how we are in Christ.

As we spend time in His Word, pray and follow His instruction we will be adding on more bubbles. (bubbles= the good things we enjoy from God. Joy, sweet fellowship, peace, comfort, happiness, etc.)

Soon we will be floating high in His peace and grace.

But if we take our eyes off Jesus and spend less time with Him, we will fall down.

Jesus is always there around us, just as the drink is around the raisins. However, we will not feel as good as we did when we are high and lifted up by reading His Word and spending time with Him. We must take the time to spend it with Him!

Happy Teaching! and Happy Saturday!


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