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HomeMade Dishwasher Soap

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Don't you just love doing dishes? Yeah, me neither! However, I am blessed to have a dishwasher. On top of that blessing, I have three lovely ladies who abide in my house and get to help out in this area. I used cascade for several years. The smell of it was so strong and, well, chemically. About this time last year I started using products from a natural company. I loved a lot of their products, including their dishwasher tablets. The one thing I really did not like about the company is that I had to order a certain amount of stuff every month. I decided in October to cancel my account and start making my own cleaning products. I was already making our laundry detergent (I will share that soon!). Well, yesterday I ran out of tablets for the dishwasher. Today we remedied that!

~Voila~ We now have tablets!

This was very easy and took no time at all to make! I already ran a load and am pleased with the spotless glasses and the orange smell in my kitchen! Here's what you need:

1 cup washing soda

1 cup borax

1/2 cup epsom salt

1/2 cup white vinegar

1/3 cup baking soda

25 drops citrus essential oil (I used orange oil)

Ice cube tray/silicone mold (be sure your tray/mold is not larger than the soap compartment)

Mix all the ingredients until it slightly sticks together when forming a small ball. Firmly press mixture into your tray/mold. (Remember to not make the tablet larger than your soap compartment.) I only filled my silicone squares halfway so it would not be too thick for the compartment. Set the tray outside in the sun for a few hours, or let it set out on your countertop overnight. To be honest with you, I was skeptical with this part because the mixture was so crumbly. However, after a few hours outside they sure enough had hardened into tablets! I only had one silicone tray, what did not fit into the tray, I put into a jar. It works in powder form too! Pop your tablets out and store them in a container with a lid.

UPDATE: After several uses of these tablets I noticed my dishes were becoming more and more cloudy. I searched to find an answer to why, and what can I do about it. I found that putting a small amount of vinegar in a cup on the top shelf will remedy the issue! I have left a measuring cup (1/4 cup) on the top shelf. I add vinegar to it every load! Problem Solved!!

~Happy Dish Washing~


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