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Helping Kids Understand Proverbs

I have used Quizlet.com, in the past, to help the kids with vocabulary words from the books they were reading. We have been reading a chapter of Proverbs every morning together. On Jan 1, we'll read Proverb chapter 1 on Jan 2, we'll read chapter 2 and so on each day and each month. (Every night we read the Bible together as well. We are chugging along trying to read the Bible through as a family. I strongly recommend reading the Bible with your family EVERY day!) Anyhow, I was thinking today that it would be great if my kids understood all the words in the Proverbs, so they could get more out of it. Then it hit me! Make Quizlet Vocabulary Cards for the harder words they might not yet know.

I wanted to share this with you all. I hope it is a great tool for your family as well!

You can get a glimpse of the cards I made here PROVERBS Chapter 1.

If you make a FREE Quizlet Account you can have full access to these Vocabulary Flashcards!

(Proverbs Chapter 1 has 26 vocabulary words. Quizlet mixes these words up and you have to Match the Word to the Definition. It also has a Spelling option where she says the word to you and you have to type the correct spelling. It also has Flashcards with the Definition and you have to know the word found in Proverb 1. There is a game as well, definitions fall like astroids from the sky and you have to type the correct word in before it hits the bottom. And lastly, there is a Test consisting of Matching, Multiple Choice, Written Answers and True/False Questions.)

This is good MOM STUFF ya'll!

ps Try the cards out for yourself before you give them to your kiddos! It might surprise you how hard it is at first!! This is FUN LEARNING!

... and I have chapter 2 ready as well!!

ooo weee... I have one more thing to say...

I forgot to mention... I am taking definitions from the Websters 1828 Dictionary. This way we have a better understanding of how the word was used when the translating of the King James was done. Words have changed meaning so much over the years, but the message of the Word should remain the same!!

Cheers for getting ready for the 2020 school year!!!

~Happy Learning!


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