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'Frizzy Hair' Update!

'Frizzy Hair' update! I am delighted to share this with you today! A week or so ago I posted about my sweet girl Hannah's frizz. I do appreciate the messages and links that were shared with me concerning styling and whatnot. As much as I am saddened that my sweet girls are growing up and no longer my lil' baby girls, I am excited about this new phase we are entering. With that said, finding a hair product that actually works, for the frizz we have been dealing with, brings true JOY to me! This was one of the products we had in the photo of the post I originally wrote concerning our frizz. We tried a few of the others, and well, same ol' frizz. However, this! 'Creme of Nature', they call it, we are in LoVe with you! Hannah took a shower, with her hair still wet I rubbed a small amount of this 'Cream of Nature' into her frizz, combed out the tangles and let it dry. The. Results. Were. Amazing!!! She still had a bit of frizz more toward the top. I did not know how the product would dry so I kept away from the scalp and top portion of her hair not wanting to give her an oily look. Anyhow, I highly recommend this stuff! I wish I had a photo of the back of her head on a day with no product. I do have this photo of her on her birthday last year to give you an idea.

This is with our new found 'Cream of Nature'!

She actually has curls again! Her curls have been nothing but frizz for a few years. This is so exciting to us! I can't wait to use it again and apply a little more towards the top next time!

Here is a closer look of the 'Cream of Nature'!

To read the original post click here: Girls, Curls & Frizzies

Happy Tuesday! Hope you are all having a blessed week!


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