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Family Game Night?

This game is great for all ages. I have found myself, with an animal mask on, hiding in the shower more than once. Animal Scramble is a combination of Charades, Pictionary, Name that Sound, and Hide-N-Seek all in one!

The kids and I made this game, as a HOMESCHOOL PROJECT, to take to a family reunion last fall. We printed the cards on card stock, bought timers, animal masks, and a small sketch pad on amazon. I will share links to each of the items we bought for the game below.

Animal Masks can be purchased here: Animal Masks

Timers can be purchased here: Timers

Sketch Pads can be purchased here: Sketch Pads

You could even make your own masks, use paper you already have, and use the timer on your smart phone. The reason I like the timers is you need a 30 second timer and a 2 minute timer (as you'll see in the game instructions). The timers we purchased are very easy for the kids to set, and while searching all over the house carrying the timer, I do not have to worry that my phone is going to be dropped. I thought about using an hourglass type timer but the sound on the timer is very handy. Kids playing hide and seek will forget to look at the hourglass type timer. I don't know if that makes any sense, if you have questions feel free to message me.

The Animal Scramble cards and Instructions can be found here: Animal Scramble Game

You will find a folder with action cards and a folder with question cards and an instruction page. I have a page in the 'question card' folder that has paw prints to print on the back of the question cards. I don't know if this step is necessary but it helps us keep the action cards and question cards separate. I typed the cards up in pages on a business card setting. If you prefer, you could print them on business cards. We did not have the business card type paper and just used card stock and cut them all out.

I hope it is as much fun for you and your family as it has been for ours.

It's amazing what you can come up with as a HOMESCHOOL PROJECT! We are also writing a small kids book. We need to finish up some of the illustrating part to be finished then we will share it with you all!


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