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Easy Homemade Gift Idea

Back around Thanksgiving I made my girls and several of their cousins one of these. They are super easy, very inexpensive and turn out so perfectly adorable!

You can get fleece throws just about anywhere right now. I'm talking about the small ones that cost around $2.50. I purchased mine at Wal-Mart and WinCo. Then I went to the nearby thrift store and found matching top sheets. These usually cost me $1.98, I find them cheaper every now and then.

My baby girl loves donuts! This one turned out perfect for her!

This one went to a nephew!

Supplies needed: Fleece Blanket, Top Sheet, thread, pins, scissors, sewing machine

Lay the top sheet, pretty side up, on the floor. Then lay the fleece blanket, pretty side down on top of the sheet. Pin the edge of the fleece to the sheet. Now cut around the edge of the fleece blanket, just on the inside of the stitching, making both layers the same size. (Be sure when you pin them together you pin inside the stitching.) You can now sew the edges together leaving about half a foot open. Pull the blanket through the hole, then sew all the way around. That's it! These make perfect homemade gifts, that take less than an hour, and cost you right around $5. You can't beat that, and you still have time to make a few before the holidays arrive!


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