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Cookies & Cocoa

We've been invited, the past few years, to a Cookies & Cocoa social. We were unable to go this year due to our busy schedule, but in the past it's always been a good time. One thing we enjoy about it is the relaxed atmosphere and easy preparation.

Sunday night we had family arrive in town and will be staying with us for the week. Being that I am not a night owl and love my mornings, I decided to have a Cookies & Cocoa with Cousins in our Pajamas! We sent out an invite via facebook to our cousins on Sam's side of the family (the cousins on my side are all down in Texas).

This was the photo at the top of our Event page on Facebook.

This was a come when you wake up, and go as you wish event. We had cookies, cocoa and of course, cOfFeE ready when all the cousins arrived!

The plan was to make cookies, but we had tons of cookies from a church party on Sunday, so we just shared them!

Our plates and cups came from Hobby Lobby. They have such a wide variety and are super cute! I like that the cocoa cups are paper and white, you can write names on them if you wish. You can get them here https://www.hobbylobby.com/Party-Baking/Party-Supplies/Tableware/Hot-Beverage-Cups-with-Lids/p/80810185. Don't forget your coupon!

We also picked up a few boxes of donuts! Why not add a little more sugar to the occasion?!?

Because you deserve a donut!

This turned out to be a great time! We will for sure be doing Cookies & Cocoa again!


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