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A Healthy Alternative To Rice!

While shopping at ALDI (my favorite money saving grocery store), I happened to notice they sell Riced Cauliflower in the freezer section. I have read several times about replacing rice with cauliflower. I'll admit, I have been skeptical of this. We eat a lot of rice. Cauliflower did not sound anything like rice to me. Anyhow, I bought it to eat with my Asian Medley. (That I also purchase at ALDI.)

Much to my surprise, I liked it! I'm trying to eat more healthy right now, so this is an exciting find for me. I also buy frozen Grilled Chicken Strips at ALDI. I tossed a small amount of chicken into a pan along with the vege medley. I warmed the cauliflower up in a small saucepan. This turned out to be a delicious lunch for me two days in a row! I love easy, healthy, inexpensive meals! How about you?!?

Happy Tuesday! Hope you are having a blesses one!


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